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Welcome to Bowen, Hanes & Company

Bowen, Hanes & Company, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with an office in Winston-Salem, NC, has been providing investment counseling services to individuals and institutions for the past four decades.  Since inception, it has been our mission to produce and provide a service in a manner consistent with our high-quality, long-term approach.  The exclusive focus will continue to be on adding value by offering a superior product, thus allowing us to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. 


The firm operates according to a carefully formulated strategy.  We emphasize quality and are dedicated to our primary mission, meeting the needs and long-term objectives of our clients, who rely on us to increase their financial worth, benefits to their employees, and funds available for education and charitable purposes.


When implementing investment decisions, we rely primarily on our analysis of global economic trends and their impact on specific industries and companies.  This is followed by a rigorous review of company-specific balance sheet and income statistics and their relationship to our estimates of future sales and earnings growth potential.  Although familiar with modern portfolio theories and other academic or technical strategies, we believe their value is limited for long-term investment.


It is our intention to remain a compact organization, enabling us to provide a high level of personal attention by allowing clients to work closely with the senior executives of the firm.