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Oracle of Tampa is a Rare Breed

Jay Bowen's stockpicking has made the Tampa Firefighters and Police Officers Pension Fund one of the best-performing public pensions in U.S..


Fortune Magazine

The Market Beater from Atlanta

Jay Bowen has established a stunning record by identifying long-term global trends and finding stocks that will benefit from them.



Broad Global Trend Analysis

Our top-down approach is rooted in the belief that the analysis of various global trends is vital when allocating funds to financial assets. Thus, we begin with a broad analysis of global macroeconomic, political, and technological trends, with our objective being to ascertain how these trends will impact the financial markets.

Industry Analysis

It is only after answering these broad questions that we begin our industry analysis. Our top-down approach leads us to emphasize those sectors that we feel have the most potential in terms of growing their revenues and earnings not only in the U.S., but in virtually every region in the world. Particular emphasis is given to those industries and companies that have a strategic and international business plan that focuses on those countries that display economic vibrancy, including currency stability, rising real incomes, and improving living standards.

Company Analysis

While certainly not the least important, examining the individual company is the last component of our analysis. We use a variety of proprietary valuation techniques to assess whether a company warrants investment consideration. READ MORE

Bowen Hanes Top Down Investment Strategy